Construction and Renovation of Park Offices and Information Centers:

The construction and renovation which for the construction in Tanji and renovation in Kiang West of the Park offices and information centers have surpassed expectations. Works have been completed at both Kiang West; the renovated office and information center and construction of office at Tanji. Both facilities have been handed over to PMU and respective Site Management Committees by architect and the contractor in April and May, 2013.

pic_build1_gam     pic_build_gam

This is a very good achievement and perhaps it is the single most important activity of not only this quarter, but may be since the beginning of the implementation. The contractor, architects and all those involved must be commended for their hard work in this accomplishment.
The ESMP inspectors had no adverse findings against the works during construction and renovation at both sites. Contractor and his agents must be really commended for their strict compliance to the recommendations of the ESMP guidelines.
The recruitment of the contractor for the development of Park infrastructure covering the trails, signage have been completed and works (contract) have been awarded and Works already began late June on both sites and it is progressing well.
Monitoring of the ESMP of the civil works has been successfully and executed simultaneously with the implementation of the Work contract. A multi-sectoral team led by the National Environment Agency (NEA) comprising of water resources, Fisheries, Forestry, Parks and Wildlife and community development Departments for periodic field mission on project sites for evaluation of the ESMP recommendations.

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