This Monitoring and Evaluation report of the Gambia Biodiversity Management and Institutional Strengthening Project (GEF TF98110) covers the period between the 1st April – 30th June, 2013.

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) report aims at tracking and monitoring project implementation progress and the achievements of project objectives and goals for the said period. Impressive METT scores were recorded on both sites, Tanji recorded 89 and Kiang West 86. This highlights the important progress being achieved since the start of the implementation especially during the period under review. I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the entire PMU especially the PC for his valuable support and advice in the discharging of my responsibilities as M&E specialist. I am also grateful to the Directorate of the DPWM, the Park managers of KWNP, TBR, SMCs and all staff members of the pilot sites for their valuable support and cooperation.


The main objective of this report is to provide an overview of project activities implementation progress of the said period. It highlights not only the achievements so far registered over the reporting period; but it also tried to portray the constraints registered under the implementation of the said project for the same period and propose alternative solutions.

Project Development Objective: To improve the field effectiveness and sustainability of biodiversity and protected areas management in two selected protected areas: Tanji Bird Reserve and Kiang West National Park.

General consideration of progress

Overall, a very good progress has been achieved during this quarter, most notably, the construction and rehabilitation works in the pilot sites. Rehabilitation works on the visitor center and the office complex at KWNP has been completed ahead of scheduled and officially handed over to the project on in April and June, 2013, by the architectural consulting firm who supervised the works. Completion certificates were issued for both sites and final payments were effected but 5% retention fee is still with the project as per contract agreement.

Implementation of most of the planned activities for this quarter have either been achieved or on track with minimal delays. Ownership of the overall objective and commitment to the effective implementation by the field staff and the local communities of the two sites are good.

Assessment of Implementation Performance by component

Component 1: Strengthened Field Effectiveness of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management: Reflecting on the baseline scenario developed at the beginning of the project, it should be registered as good progress is being made towards strengthening DPMW’s capacity for management of not only the two protected areas under intervention of the project, but all the other protected areas of the country including the community owned reserve who formed part of the overall capacity enhancement trainings in biodiversity, survey and monitoring of species in protected areas and other ecologically sensitive sites.

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