Established in 1987, kiang west national park (KWNP) is approximately 11,526ha (115 square km) and one of the most important reservoirs of wildlife in The Gambia. Although the major part of the park is dry deciduous woodland and guinea savannah, there are extensive stretches of mangrove creeks and tidal flats. In the mangrove creeks, the West African Manatee and Nile and Dwarf Crocodiles occur. In the mangrove fringes and tidal flats the tracks of various animals such as the African Clawless Otter, Mongoose and Sitatunga are found. The park has become a park of regional distinction possessing an impressive range of fauna and avifauna (over 250 bird species check listed to date). All the major wild animals known to be permanently resident in the Gambia , in the present time, has been recorded in the park making it the foremost wildlife reserve in the country.



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