Established in 1993, Tanji Bird Reserve together with Bijol islands is situated along the Atlantic coast, in the West Coast Region of the country, about 30 minutes drive from the tourist development area. It encompasses the Tanji River and its estuary, incorporating mangrove, dry woodland and coastal dune scrub woodland. It has a total area of 612ha (6.12square km). Along the seashore there are series of lagoons, and off shore Bijol islands which are important sites for breeding marine turtles and roosting birds. Within the reserve there are wide variety of habitat types including marine, estuarine, freshwater, coastal scrub woodland and dry woodland savannah.

Tanji Bird Reserve was established primarily for its ornithological importance which is evident from its current species list which is over 259 species from 61 different families, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. This large diversity of birds results from the range of habitats present combined with location of Tanji on the coast of West Africa . For European migrants, Tanji bird reserve is one of the first stops offshore and offers both a safe haven as well as good feeding opportunities. The offshore Bijol islands are used as a roosting site by large numbers of gulls, terns, waders and pelicans, and the shallow surrounding reef offers good feeding opportunities as well.

Bijols Islands are part of Tanji Karinti Birds Reserve, covering an area of 612 km and managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management, consist of a large and small island which converges at low tide and divides at high tide or rise in sea level. This island is offshore and provides an ideal habitat for sea birds. Its vegetation is very tolerant to salinity and this includes Morning glory, Baobab and Casuarinas trees spreading all over the larger island providing the only ideal breeding site for sea birds in the Gambia . The areas are low lying with maximum elevation of Ca.2m water level although this intervall and within shiffing. Bijols Island is a very significant area for birds and marine mammals.







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